Make Up The Wall

Utbudet för att ’pimpa’ upp sina väggar med stickers, tapeter, schabloner är oändliga för tillfället. Är du ute efter något nytt kolla in Make Up The Wall. Via Desire to Inspire.

Make Up the Wall is a company with several fun ideas to ’pimp’ up your walls. Take a look. Via Desire to Inspire.

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  1. Susann Larsson
    Susann Larsson says:

    Hi everyone, I really appriciate your nice comments.
    I got a little bit obsessed about these flower patterns. I’ve imagined almost all the walls and furniture in my house with these flowers on. I realise now that I have to calm down and think about it first.

  2. stay beautiful
    stay beautiful says:

    i had one of these amazing little tyos as a kid caled a spirograph where you put you pencil in one of the holes of a circle and you can create these beautiful and symmetrical drawings in a flash.. i found one not too long ago at a yard sale and picked it up.. still just as fun as when i was about 6! beautiful


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