Home Sweet Home – höstinspiration från Madam Stolz 2011

Härlig inspirationsbild från Madam Stolz höstkatalog Home Sweet Home. Det blir så fint när man lyckas blanda industri och lantligt med moderna klassiker. Katalogen finns på nätet, kika här.

Take a look at danish Madam Stolz autumn catalogue! Great inspiration, I like the mix of country and industrial together with modern classic furniture like the Eames chair. Take a look here.

Skärmpdump från Madam Stolz katalog
6 Kommentarer
  1. Karin
    Karin says:

    This picture is hanging in my kitchen on a moodboard and the chairs are already ordered. I expect them within a week, can't wait to rearange my kitchentable with them. Fun to see it here just at this moment 🙂

  2. Auto Lease Broker Los Angeles
    Auto Lease Broker Los Angeles says:

    At first glance I wouldn't like those chairs for a house, they kind of remind me of cafeteria chairs, but I really think the legs and the nice material make them look much classier. If they're comfortable, too then I've definitely give them a chance!


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